Mohamed Amine Aydoun


International Piano Competition HRH Princess Lalla Meryem,

Participated in several occasions
- Intermediary category 2005 edition (3rd Prize)
- Advanced category 2007 edition (1st Prize)
- Excellence category 2009 edition (1st Prize)
Pr. Ghizlane Hamadi World of Musicals

National Piano Competition, Rabat
Participated in the advanced category 2008 edition (1st Prize)
Abdel Rahman El Bacha

National conservatory of music and dance, Rabat Morocco
10 years of study of music theory and piano
Pr. Gueldyev Beguentch
Piano 2000 - 2010

National Conservatory, Nancy
1 month stay within The national conservatory in Nancy France,
during that time, i was part of the piano class of Pr. Laurent Cabasso,
studying Chopin Scherzo, Prokofiev Visions Fugitives And Mozart
Sonata for 2 Piano.
Pr. Laurent Cabasso
Piano Masterclass 2008 - 2008

Mozartum, Salsburg
2 weeks stay in Mozartum Salsburg under the class of Pr. Robert
Levin, Studying Mozart Piano sonata, Beethoven Piano Sonata,
Rachmaninov Prelude, Chopin Etude
Pr. Robert Levin
Piano Masterclass 2009 - 2009

National Conservatory, Rabat

1 day master class with Pr. Marian RYBICKI studying Chopin
Barcarolle op.60
Pr. Marian RYBICKI
Piano Masterclass
2011 - 2011

Gueldyev Beguentch, Concert Pianist
Ahmed Aydoun, Professional Musician