From 1 - 3 November we are hosting the Master Class piano in Orpheus Theatre in Apeldoorn, with Marietta Petkova

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the master who will help you to play your instrument even better.

Marietta Petkova on piano

Marietta has overcome some obstacles in her own career. She’s completely dedicated to helping young talent. She understands their need for freedom, and the endless quest for union with the piano and the music. In a safe and trusting atmosphere, Petkova shares her vast experience with masterclass participants and helps them to chart out the next step in their development. The focus is on both the composition and the interpreter. It might be, for instance, gaining deeper insight into the musical world of Bach, Schumann, or Rachmaninov, or it could be practical advice for playing. All along the way there is guidance for the physical and emotional possibilities for each participant.

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Some of our masterclasses are freely accessible. And our concerts are a household name for lovers of classical music in Apeldoorn and beyond. So keep an eye on our agenda and come and have a look.


Dinsdag 2 november, 11 - 17 uur: Openbare Masterclasses
Theater & Concert Orpheus | € 12,50

Woensdag 3 november, 20 uur: Slotconcert door master en deelnemers
Theater & Concert Orpheus | € 17,50

Passepartout (voor toegang openbare masterclasses en slotconcert) | € 25,-

De kaartjes zijn te verkrijgen via Theater & Concert Orpheus.

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The International Foundation Masterclass Apeldoorn, founded in 1990 by Annette Brattinga, organizes various masterclasses and concerts throughout the year. With special guest teachers, the young and often very good musicians from all over the world experience inspiring lessons, beautiful concerts and endless fun. Some of these lessons and the concerts are open to the public. Usually in Theater Orpheus in Apeldoorn, but sometimes at other special locations such as Paleis Het Loo or the Kröller-Müller museum.​​​​​​

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